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From discovery to the deployment of your new app development project or maintenance support to
upgrade or modernization of your existing apps, we can be your one-stop partner. Whether you're looking to develop a native or a cross-platform app or need a partner in solving your challenge around IoT and Cloud, you are covered. We are flexible in working on a project basis, or you can hire a dedicated development team. Our offshore and onshore teams help you build reliable solutions at speed with cost-effectiveness.

What we do
At Softicu

Digital Transformation Services

Enriching and engaging your consumer

Application Development

Enriching business capabilities with custom web applications designed to meet business challenges.

Mobile Application Development

We have deep knowledge and expertise in world-class mobile application development services.

Enterprise Software Development

Enabling business agility and efficiency with web and mobile solutions

Computer Vision Services

Our computer vision CloudWorkers are skilled at a wide array of use cases from bounding boxes and semantic segmentation to 3D point cloud and sensor fusion systems

Data Processing Services

We staff CloudWorkers with the patience and consistency to perform repetitive tasks with precision. Focus on what matters while your team gives these important but time-consuming tasks the same attention to detail that you would if you had the time.

Integration Services

Connect multiple systems, data sources, and applications under one digital roof to meet growing business demands and manage your operations smoothly.

Transcription Services

Save time and money by efficiently and accurately transcribing detail and leveraging optical character recognition from a host documents as well as image, video, and audio so core business processes can be executed rapidly.

Empowering the
Internet Generation

Each WorkStream is driven by a proven methodology focused on scaling your data processing needs with tight quality controls for maximum task precision. Our process, including daily sprints, paired learning, and iterative feedback loops, supports rapid time to market which means faster time to value for you.

Our proprietary platform is an integral part of every WorkStream, reducing the friction of working with an external team and provides visibility to every step of the process. Our technology powers your project with enhanced team workspaces, real-time quality visualization, and seamless collaboration tools.

These CloudWorkers are vetted and trained to accurately perform repetitive tasks.
We offer just the right level of collaboration with your team to keep you connected to your work but out of the minute to minute detail.
Best for data that is not deadline-driven, we work through your backlog of data or tasks efficiently without the extra cost associated with hourly or daily predictability.

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