End-to-end Mobile Application Development by Softicu
Outsource native or hybrid app development to Softicu. Our mobile team can provide you with full-cycle project capabilities for mobile software development. As a result, you will receive a high-quality application with a great user interface and enhanced security.

We use best Technologies for development

React Native

We use React Native an open-source JavaScript framework to build a mobile applications for enterprises.


Swift is used to develop applications for IOS devices. Our team are skilled and work fluently with Swift.


We have high experience team that works with Java. We use java for mobile application development.


We use Objective-C to develop mobile application for IOS devices.


We use Kotlin Multiplatform to share business logic across iOS, Android, and web devices.


Flutter is Google's modern development kit designed to build mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Google Fuchsia.


Softicu’ mobile software development services include the product analysis, development of technical requirements, proofs of concept, planning phase with UI/UX design, instant code reviews, QA, and regular status updates.

Mobile software development is based on new technologies like Flutter and Kotlin, which allow speeding up application and scaling it up when required.

We develop applications that our clients will love. We make our clients satisfaction our priority.
Software Process
We follow the software development process and best practice while working on any project.
We provide easy and flexible support and communication medium for our clients.


Reusable code, early market entry, cost-efficient and time-saving processes — all of these are benefits of cross-platform app development. The demand for cross-platform solutions is growing along with the number of available frameworks. At Softicu, our cross-platform department has the most team members.

At Softicu, we are capable of delivering not only the functional requirement but also enterprise capability, flexibility, and robustness. We evolve in line with the latest mobile software trends, enabling clients to effectively reduce app development costs and focus on the core aspects of their company.

We are trusted by diverse clients, including multinational organizations, entrepreneurs, and small businesses, in providing systems that are mandatory to their success.


Optimal performance, a platform-specific look and reliable implementation, and the possibilities are endless. Leverage interactive 3d technology, natural language processing or computer vision – all with native mobile app development.

The experts at Softicu possess vast knowledge of the cutting-edge technologies and are well equipped to build feature-rich, Native custom apps that help our clients successfully deal with diverse business problems. Using a variety of tools, our experts ensure that the clients receive a comparatively faster and highly responsive Android app in place.


We strive to write wearable technology software that enables apps to seamlessly capture and process device sensors (both visual and haptic), perform with minimal battery usage, facilitate bi-directional M2M data exchanges, conveniently visualize captured data, and respond to intuitive controls and environmental feedback.

We create industrial data management solutions such as employee and equipment tracking systems using custom software applications. Facial recognition software and integrated CRM technologies provide permissions and granted access authorization solutions. Usage of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Data) in key fob scanner software provides industrial wearables solutions for inventory and human capital management systems. Implementation of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) as a database management systems enables access to monitor, facilitate and transfer data remotely while aboard.


Analyzing source code to expose bugs, security breaches or violations of programming conventions, providing the opportunity for focused, prescribed optimization.

We’ve worked a range of clients spanning all industries and sizes, from the finance market, to high-profile entertainment corporations, to educational institutions. But they all had one thing in common – the need for stable, secure, performance code. While mobile applications has an excellent track record of mitigating security issues found in third-party code, we prefer to eliminate the prospect of bugs and security issues altogether.


Your business has a lot of moving parts and automating business processes with end-to-end technology solutions is crucial. We use our API management portal and network of partners that connects third-party software to your TEAM solutions. Achieve a more seamless experience that eliminates redundant data entry, increases data integrity and maximizes resources.

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